We like Bikes!

Today we  rode the six person pedal bus along the river, the turning circle left much to be desired but who cares when your out in the sun with other bike minded people!

After working up an appetite, and 2 hot dogs later..(they are Vegan so I dont feel so bad) we left feeling happy to have met with Ellie the organiser, Bike QLD, Hellhound Hotdogs and the local Bike Co-op in Laura St Highgate Hill (where you can go and get advise on how to fix your bike, and borrow the tools!)


Brisbane's newest food truck rolls into West End


The bun mobile in West End, Brisbane

Tonight I found this food truck parked out the front of 'The End' (a bar) on Vulture Street, West End. Steamed buns (kind of a burger really in form) filled with Wagyu Beef, twice cooked pork or Teriyaki chicken! A very expensive fit out with a full commercial kitchen, compliant with all State Health regulations but interestingly avoiding the standing vehicle licence, which would cost them $12,000 extra per year. They manage to do this by operating under invitation from venues and only standing for 4 hours max.

What do you think? The website has a location calendar so you can find them.