Brisbane Food Trucks 'Nom at Night'

One of the many vendors who came out to play!

One of the many vendors who came out to play!

On Thursday, July 17th, Wandering Cooks hosted the PheNomNomNom’s Nom At Night event to continue the celebration of great food delivered by Brisbane’s tastiest food trucks.

Street food from around the world included: Mexican, Italian, North American, Japanese, global deli rolls, Venezuelan, Brazilian, Aussie raw treats, French pastries, and global coffees complemented with Nth NSW beers served from a cute 1950’s caravan!

I couldn’t walk past the Reuben sandwich [$9] by Local Mobile Deli – having worked my first Sunday job in a kosher deli, my expectations were high. The rye bread was super fresh and perfectly toasted, the cheese gently melted with a blowtorch, the homemade red cabbage sauerkraut just right… but for me the brisket was cut too chunky, yet it was the first sandwich to run out.

A beer was the perfect accompaniment and there was the Stone & Wood Brewing caravan Bonnie, to provide me with a crisp and fruity Pacific Ale [$9]. I spoke to Chippy who has brewed his own stout at home for many years – he’d gone for the dark creamy Jasper Ale and said it was very good.

Then I went to Bang Bang Lulu for a sweet something. I chose a raw cacao, date and seed morsel [$3], which was very nice. On walking past a little later Belle was almost sold out of everything by 8:45pm.

I stopped to talk to the multi-talented Tim of Half Lever Espresso – who was also providing the tunes for the night. I can’t handle coffee after 4pm but others were loving his $10 truck bombs of Ristretto, Kahlua & Baileys and other caffeine delights.

Next to him was Mark Daniels, the young patissier, who had an eager queue staring into his cabinet chock full of colourful macarons, Turkish delight, salted caramels and chocolate eclairs.

Taiki & Miu have been running Sushi Neko for just 3 months and were almost out of food, as customers were buying up their beautiful temaris [$1.50-$1.80], Bento Boxes and katsu at $9 & $7. Having attended the first PheNomNomNom in Coorparoo, they continue to learn, and are loving the crowds, music and atmosphere of these events.

The guys on the Fiery Deli will be bringing more food next time. Their ever-popular Arepa – a beautiful crunchy cornmeal pocket, is the Venezuelan counterpart of the Aussie pie, and were eaten as fast as they could cook them. All of their nosh is free of gluten, diary, yeast and refined sugar – unless you ask for cheese! All meat and eggs are free range, and you can buy their cornmeal, homemade chilli and avocado sauces from their stalls or online.

Taline of Vira Lata [translation: street dog] ran out of everything except dumplings by 7:23pm precisely. Her Brazilian street food was filling bellies, with the first to go being the Vaca Loco- a wagyu brisket, esqabeche and swiss cheese baguette [$8].

Luca Ferone of Pizzantica has been making pizza since 2009, but he missed the first PheNomNomNom because he was representing at The Italian Week event. This time round people were queueing for his pizzas, with the Proscuito and Fungi [$13] ranking the most popular, which tied in nicely with July being the Month of the Mushroom!

Dylan and his wife Katrina are 4 months in with their US inspired King of the Wings. They brought 150kg of wings and had 10kgs to go by about 9pm. “It’s been awesome and we got smashed” even more than at the first event in Coorparoo – so Brisbanites are clearly sharing their passion for their finger licking chicken.

Finally I caught up with Naomi of Juan More Taco – the founder of PheNomNomNom Events. Their ever-popular tacos kept the meat-eaters and vegetarian punters very happy. Naomi’s vision for PheNomNomNom is to provide an informal and varied selection of good, affordable food to the people of Brisbane – Nom At Night at the Wandering Cooks again proved that Brisbanites share that vision and are looking forward to more to come.