Fracino gas powered coffee machines - LPG option

fracino retro_gas.jpg

When it comes to choosing a gas powered coffee machine to go on a bike cart in Australia, the options are NOT overwhelming. Thankfully Brisbane is home to the importers of FRACINO, a UK designed and fabricated machine which runs on LPG and 240V, either or both! You can go out to Coffee Machine Solutions in Geebung to test the machines with your own beans, call ross for an appointment.

The retro lever machine is definitely the sexier machine, but will little control over water temperatures is only suited to milder roast beans, and the time to pour a shot also limits it to lower volume sales.

The Contempo (which comes only in a 2 group on LPG) is a modern looking machine (read, boring) but can be fine tuned to stronger roasts. With Marty from Blackstar taking control of the grind & machine we tested it with a triple basket using Blackstar Revolution blend (a mix of organic fair trade/co-op grown beans) and fine tuned the grams in, speed out, grams out ratios to get a really strong sweet shot (on milk).