LAUNCHED!! The dumpling bike gets unveiled and then swamped by an unexpected crowd of a 1000 (ish) 7th Feb 2013.

She? (the bike) was our show pony this night with food being served from stalls, and still in short supply. Thankyou to the IMA and the JWCOCA for hosting us for the launch and providing technical help, Media, the bar and just generally being supportive of our new venture. To all our volunteers, we thank you for your tireless enthusiasm and generosity, you helped the food taste even better!

To the design team at Pearler we are so happy with the result, and now it has been tested with a crowd at the Bris Asia Festival, we know this bike will be serving dumplings for some time, quality workmanship!

This bike would not exist if it were'nt for the 300 supporters who pledged on our pozible campaign late last year, again, we owe this one to you!


General information is available in the about us section or just click through the above links, Thanks for reading!